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Galahs In The Gidgee

Release Date: 1991
Colin's trademark humour is here right from the start - in songs like "Frank The Scab" and the "Debutantes Ball". If you go out to Bourke, in the corner country of New South Wales, you can still see the caravan in which Colin and wife Robyn lived, back in the late eighties. It sits on the edge of the desert on a fenced square of dry, red earth, finely powdered so that it rises in small clouds as you walk. Colin came here on a spiritual warch and found many things - including his musical voice. Galahs In The Gidgee is the album which Colin brought back from the desert. Play a handful of its songs, and you're suddenly there, surround by the landscape and it's people. Reissue.


Tour Dates

    • 03 Apr Colin Buchanan in Kew, Vic at St Hilary’s Anglican Church Buy tickets
    • 05 Apr Colin Buchanan in West Pymble, NSW at St Matthew’s West Pymble Buy tickets
    • 29 Apr Colin Buchanan in Wellington Point, QLD at Redland College
    • 30 May Colin Buchanan in Gladstone, QLD at “HopeLINK/Gladstone Baptist Church”
    • 31 May Colin Buchanan in Gladstone, QLD at “HopeLINK/Gladstone Baptist Church”