Out & About DVD,  Digital Download DVD and Individual Clips

Out & About DVD, Digital Download DVD and Individual Clips

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You’re invited to join Colin on a DVD like no other as he grabs his guitar and goes Out & About! 

For over 20 years Colin’s catchy Christian songs for kids have been sung far and wide as families go about their daily lives, fixing God’s word in hearts and minds as they “walk by the way”. (Deut 11:19)  

Out & About captures all-new, spontaneous acoustic versions of classic early Colin songs and memory verses - in the forest, on the train, in the city - even out on the ferry!  Sing along as Colin goes...Out & About! …including favourites Remember The Lord, Practise Being Godly, Follow The Saviour, Old Black Crow, Revelation 3:20….but be ready for a surprise or two along the way!


  1. Remember The Lord
  2. My God Is So Big
  3. God's Map - The Bible
  4. The Old Black Crow
  5. Ephesians 2:8-10
  6. Follow The Saviour
  7. Proverbs 3:5-6
  8. Revelation 3:20
  9. The Best Book To Read
  10. The Greatest Treasure
  11. 10,9,8... God Is Great
  12. The Chooky And Her Chickies
  13. John 1:1
  14. Practise Being Godly
  15. Are You Serving Cap'n Jesus
  16. The One & Only God
  17. Out & About  - The Extra Bits