Bourke To Beaconsfield: Greatest Hits CD and MP3 Album

Bourke To Beaconsfield: Greatest Hits CD and MP3 Album

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15 years in the making, Bourke To Beaconsfield - Greatest Hits is a collection of the singles, Golden Guitar award winners and stand-outs compiled from Colin's five country albums - plus a couple of extras!

From Colin's award-winning debut, Galahs In The Gidgee, through nearly two decades of authentic, heartfelt, vivid songs, this is a collection for those who have been there all the way and those who are new to Colin's country career.

Bourke to Beaconsfield - Greatest Hits is part travelogue, part journal, part portrait. Songs like North Bourke Bridge and Edge of the Kimberley are weather-worn landmarks that capture and celebrate the expanse of the outback. She Waits and A Drover's Wife are skillfully crafted vignettes set amidst the corrugated iron main street verandahs of a small bush town. House No163 has the breadth of high country while resonating with an intimate, tender story of enduring sadness. These are songs that go wide and go deep - songs that represent the career highlights from one of Australia's finest songwriters.

The CD includes two new studio recordings of songs that carved a unique place in recent history - Beaconsfield (about the dramatic Tasmanian mine rescue) and the Steve Irwin tribute, Goodbye Crocodile Hunter. Both tunes captured a spirit that resonated across Australia and across the world. It's proof that when it comes to great songs, there's still plenty to look forward to from Colin.

Embark on a captivating journey through 21 stunning songs: Colin Buchanan's Greatest Hits, Bourke to Beaconsfield.

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  • 1. Galahs In The Gidgee
  • 2. Come What May
  • 3. Uncle Viv
  • 4. She Waits
  • 5. The Local District Show
  • 6. A Drover's Wife
  • 7. Silver Bullet
  • 8. North Bourke Bridge
  • 9. Paradise
  • 10. The Measure Of A Man
  • 11. Tough Job (Duet with Lee Kernaghan)
  • 12. That Old Caravan
  • 13. Edge of the Kimberley
  • 14. Rocko
  • 15. Land of the Getaway
  • 16. Doo Wah Didjeri
  • 17. The Bishop of Burrill
  • 18. House No. 163
  • 19. Missin' Slim (Duet with Lee Kernaghan)
  • 20. Beaconsfield
  • 21. Goodbye Crocodile Hunter (Tribute to Steve Irwin)