Colin's Favourites CD, MP3 Album, Individual songs, Backing Tracks, Sheet Music Available

Colin's Favourites CD, MP3 Album, Individual songs, Backing Tracks, Sheet Music Available

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Colin's best selling CD releases have brought Bible Truths to the young and old alike for over a decade. Now, Colin has hand picked a fun-filled collection of his favourites and popped them on this specially-priced CD - the perfect tasty companion to Colin's Favourites DVD.

    Available as a CD album, complete MP3 album or choose from individual MP3 tracks. 

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    Colin's Favourites DVD

    Colin's Favourites DVD digital download for iPads and Computers

    Colin Buchanan has become a part of families and children's ministries across Australia since the release of his first Christian album over a decade ago. And he's finally gathered his most requested songs into one place - Colin's Favourites. It's a grab bag choc full of over an hour of classics, each with a nourishing, chewy center of bible truth! 

    Colin's Favourites is a great chance to discover - or re-discover - the highlights from Colin's amazing catalogue of colourful, purposeful, lively songs about the Lord. Spanning all 15 CD and DVD releases - and including a few special new songs - it's the ultimate Colin Collection!

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    • 2. Remember The Lord
    • 3. 10,9,8 God is Great
    • 4. The Crocodile Song
    • 5. The Greatest Treasure
    • 6. Jesus Rocks the World
    • 7. God Is Everywhere
    • 8. The Old Black Crow
    • 9. The Lord Is King (Featuring Steve Grace)
    • 10. Passing Through
    • 11. Practice Being Godly
    • 12. Merry Merry Christmas
    • 13. You Can Tell The Lord That You Love Him
    • 14. Glory to God in The Highest
    • 15. Jesus Is The Mighty, Mighty King
    • 16. Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves!
    • 17. Follow The Saviour
    • 18. Isaiah 53:6
    • 19. The King of Christmas
    • 20. The One and Only God
    • 21. Bigger Than Space
    • 22. Blabbermouth (Prov 20:19)
    • 23. Hang On To Jesus
    • 24. Press On Mums
    • 25. Real Hope
    • 26. The Other Side of Grace