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Release Date: 2018

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Q. What is the name of Colin’s new album? A. Catechismo Kids!!!  Its a question and answer radio show like no other - that’s because there are no others! For hundreds of years, catechism questions have helped young people learn the truths of the Christian faith. Following on the runaway success of FAM BAM BIBLE JAM, Colin and his puppet pal, Nudge, take an amazing, hilarious, slapstick ride through 50 bible Questions and Answers. Featuring exciting new songs and some golden favourites, this is Bible truth as you’ve never heard it before. 
1. The Intro 
2. Catechismo Kids 
3. The Weather Report
4.The B-I-B-L-E Is The Answer 
5. Sound Effects Mountain
6. Doodle-Oodle-OO The  Catechismo  
7. Catechismo 1 Q&A 1-10
8. 10,9,8 God Is Great
9. Sign Up Now For The Catechismos Workout
10. Do The Catechismo Workout 
11. Mad Professor Von Krinkleburger-Curlyfries
12. Catechismo 2 Q&A 11-16
13. Jesus Saves! Jesus Saves! (Radio Edit)
14. Ping Pong Grand Slam
15. Catechismo 3 Q&A 17-22
16. I Can't Save Myself (featuring Nudge)
17. Tradie Workers
18. C atechismo 4 Q&A 23-29
19. My Good Works Cannot Save Me 
20. 2 Corinthians 8:9 (Hor Hor Hor) 
21. The Potty Head Robot
22. Catechismo 5 Q&A 30-36
23. Big Words That End In Shun (Remastered)
24. Mr Fluffy's Combo Gadgets
25. Catechismo 6 Q&A 37-39
26. I Can You Can Catechismo 
27. Don't Say The Naughty Word
28.  Catechismo 7 Q&A 40-42
29. Live On The Rock (Remix)
30. Invisible Nudge
31.  Catechismo 8 Q&A 43-50
32. Hooley Dooley Wop Bam Boom (Radio EDIT)
33. The Final Question -  Catechismo 9 Q&A 51
34. Credits
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35 1 Timothy 2 5-6
36. Big Bible Story
37. Set Your Feet Upon The Rock
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