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Release Date: 2017

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Calvary Road, Buchanan’s rustic sensibility collides with his faith as never before in a way that’s fresh and arresting. For the first time, acclaimed producer Matt Fell applies his rich and rhythmic talents to Buchanan’s songs, crafting a sound that, although unmistakably connected to what’s gone before, represents an exciting new creative season.

Outside The Camp

The Old Bloke

The Hardest Thing

Will I Be Missed

Faith Smiles

Speed of Sound

Like A Child

Sunburnt Saints

You'd Like Jesus

It All Comes Down To Jesus

It Was His idea

Jesus Was Converted

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  • 1. Outside the Camp
  • 2. The Old Bloke
  • 3. The Hardest Thing
  • 4. Will I Be Missed
  • 5. Faith Smiles
  • 6. Speed of Sound
  • 7. Like a Child
  • 8. Sunburnt Saints
  • 9. You'd Like Jesus
  • 10. It All Comes Down To Jesus
  • 11. It Was His Idea
  • 12. Jesus Was Converted