Fair Dinkum Aussie Easter Hard Cover Book + CD

 'Aussie Jingle Bells' would have to hold the crown as Colin's most-performed song. The picture book of the same name has become a best-seller and the collection of yuletide parodies, Aussie Christmas with Bucko and Champs has become an Aussie Institution, celebrating all that's distinctly Australian about our summer Chrissies.

So when Scholastic Publishers called and said to Colin, "How about an Aussie Easter book?" it really got his juices going. What do Aussies do at Easter time that could be sung about and celebrated in the same fun way that "Aussie Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Sheds With Bits of Wattle" do at Christmas.

Within a couple of weeks, Colin had penned "The Easter Long Weekend", "The Easter Bunny Got The Sack", "The Great Big Aussie Easter Egg Hunt" and a basket of other distinctly Aussie Easter cultural celebrations in song.

Colin's songs were shared with veteran illustrator John McIntosh who set to work to create a wonderfully playful and iconic collection of illustrations to create the unique new picture book that is... Aussie Easter!

Less fattening than chocolate and containing virtually no sugar or artificial sweeteners, it's the perfect healthy and nourishing Aussie Easter gift!

And, of course, every book contains a free CD with brand new acoustic performances of all of Colin's new Aussie Easter Songs.

Colin's new Aussie Easter songs are set to become an annual fixture at Easter festivities across Australian homes, schools and communities. (And, adding a patriotic touch, there's yet another re-working of the national anthem, "Advance Australia Fair" into it's latest form, "Australians All Love Hot Cross Buns"!)