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Available as a CD album, complete MP3 album or choose from individual MP3 tracks. 

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God Rock DVD

* Printed spiral bound God Rock Songbook for only $5 a perfect bundle pack with God Rock CD.

God Rock DVD Digital download for iPads and computers

Get on board with GOD ROCK! 

The wait is over - here comes the all-new CD from Colin Buchanan - and already they're calling it his liveliest - and catchiest - CD ever! 

Bursting with 15 amazing new songs, including “God Never Says "Oops!", “Survival Man”, “God United” and “Super Chef”, GOD ROCK is sure to become an instant classic, powerfully teaching young and old alike of the matchless wonder of God and of his mighty, saving works.


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  • 1. God Rock
  • 2. Birds Were Made For Flying
  • 3. Survival Man
  • 4. God Sits In The Highest Places
  • 5. God Never Says Oops
  • 6. Big Car
  • 7. Rev Master-T's Trinity Mashmix
  • 8. God United
  • 9. Super Chef
  • 10. Kick It! Flip It! (Repent and Believe)
  • 11. The Armour Of God (Ephesians 6:10-20)
  • 12. Ride, Ride, Ride
  • 13. Every Tickety Tock
  • 14. Justice And Mercy