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Hard Times was first released in 1992, as Australia's graziers coped with a devastating drought and a collapse in the international price of wool. At one point the Government even paid farmers to shoot their sheep, in order to reduce the national flock. The opening track, Silver Bullet, records the miserable scene. Yet it's impossible for Colin to not see the whole of life - teasing from the hardship, stories of humour and of determination. Digitally remastered reissue.

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  • 1. Silver Bullet
  • 2. Hard Times
  • 3. The Local District Show
  • 4. He's Alright
  • 5. North Bourke Bridge
  • 6. A Drover's Wife
  • 7. When It Rained
  • 8. The Bimbi Talent Quest
  • 9. Handyman
  • 10. In His Blood
  • 11. Living In Town
  • 12. Kurrajong
  • 13. Jingle Bells