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2010 marked the 10th anniversary reissue of two unique - and previously out-of-print - Colin Buchanan albums, now together on one great disc.

Live In The Big Tent is Colin's only ever Live album, featuring favourites Follow the Saviour, The Greatest Treasure and The One and Only God. It's a Live singalong, Colin style!

The reissue also features rare songs from the limited-released Special Edition Vol 1. including outtakes from the Follow the Saviour and Real Hope sessions. The Live in the Big Tent Reissue is over an hour of biblical, spirited music for all the family from one of Australia's leading songwriters.

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  • 1. Follow The Saviour
  • 2. Nothing Takes God By Surprise
  • 3. Practice Being Godly
  • 4. Luke 9:23
  • 5. Jesus Is The Mighty Mighty King
  • 6. The Word Became Flesh
  • 7. He Died Upon The Cross
  • 8. Here I Am (Revelation 3:20)
  • 9. The Greatest Treasure
  • 10. Remember The Lord
  • 11. Memory Verse Medley (Proverbs 3:5-6, John 14:1-4, Isaiah 53:6)
  • 12. You Can Tell The Lord That You Love Him
  • 13. Made By God 4 God Alone
  • 14. The One And Only God
  • 15. Press On Mums
  • 16. Praise Be To The Lord
  • 17. Jesus Love Me
  • 18. He's Coming Back Again
  • 19. Love One Another
  • 20. What Ever Happens Stand Firm In The Gospel
  • 21. Clouds Of Sorrow
  • 22. Come To Us O Blessed Saviour
  • 23. Cling To The Lord
  • 24. Walk In The Way
  • 25. Plant Your Love
  • 26. True Vine Intro