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Colin invites you to join him as he takes his upbeat and fun songs about the Lord to Queensland's spectacular Fraser Island.

It's a journey that takes Bible truths across sand dunes, along beaches and through rainforests as Colin discovers a shipwreck, drifts down Eli Creek, meets a Mexican, joins a rock band and spots the mischievous Naughty man!

Features favourite songs and memory verses from "PRACTISE BEING GODLY" plus 3 famous video clips from "Remember the Lord'', "Live in The Big Tent" and "10,9,8..."

Filmed on the beautiful Fraser Island.

DVD: Multi region format (which means DVD is compatible all around the world)

Digital Download: This is in MOV format which is compatible with IPADs, Laptops and Computers 

DVD Tracklist  
Practise Being Godly
I Can't Save Myself
With Jesus As My Captain
Mighty To Save
Ephesians 2:8-10
Titus 3:5
Build Your Life On The Rock
Leviticus 19:11
Let Your Light Shine
More Like Jesus
He Died Upon The Cross
Little By Little

Plus Bonus clips from "Remember the Lord" "Live in the Big Tent" and 10,9,8... God is Great!