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Ding Dong... It’s the Good News Parcel Company with a very special delivery

Join Colin Buchanan and his mate Nudge as together they sing, smash stuff and rip the wrapping off the most wonderful news of all – Jesus!

Blast off with 10, 9, 8...God is Great, find out Ze Baddest Sickness in Ze World, hear the Global WarNing, take off with the Super Saviour and meet the crew of Are You Serving Cap’n Jesus?!

Come and hear God’s Good News, wrapped up in over an hour of music and mayhem that will have you singing, dancing and laughing along.

Special features include Behind the Scenes, Bloopers and a bonus song, Remember the Lord.
Multi-region format. 
Chapter Index
1. Seg 1
13. Super Saviour
2. 10,9,8...God is Great
14. Seg 6 
3.  God is Everywhere
15. Hoo Cha Cha (John 14.6)
4. Seg 2
16. Seg 7
5. Jesus is No Fairytale
17. Are You Serving Cap'n Jesus?
6. Glory to God
18. Credits: Jesus Rocks The World
7. Seg 3
8. Love The Lord
Bonus Features (Chapter markers)
9. Seg 4
1. Behind The Scenes
10. Ze Baddest Sickness
2. Bloopers
11. Global Warning
3. Remember the Lord
12. Seg 5
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