We love seeing Colin’s music find its way into the life and ministry of churches, schools, families and other settings. We are grateful for copyright agencies which provide a workable way to acknowledge copyright ownership and meet the legal requirements of public use. Please contact us through the website if you are unsure which of the following applies to your usage.

If you wish to sing one of Colin’s songs or feature a song online in church, kids church, Sunday school, a Christian school or other ministry setting,
please purchase a licence and record the usage with CCLI.  More information can be found CCLI copyright-licences

If you use are using any Movies or Clips on Church premises only you will need a CVLI licence CVLI Video Licence.  Please note this license does not cover you for live Streaming.  Colin gives you permission to use any of his clips or YouTube footage for streaming online and asks that you report any song usage through your CCLI license.

For a public performance licence in a venue of any type - including education - an APRA licence is required. APRA also licence public performances that take place in venues such as arts centres, clubs, public halls, at festivals, universities and schools. More information can be found here Public Performance Licence

If you wish to use one of Colin’s songs in a TV show, drama, stage production, TV commercial, online campaign or other commercial application, please contact Colin’s publisher: 

Universal Music Publishing Australia
t. +61 2 9207 0500
a. 150 William Street, Sydney, NSW 2011 

COPYRIGHT 101 - An introduction to understanding copyright.

A song is a composition, with songwriters. Publishers may administer the copyright of compositions or the composers may administer songs themselves. APRA/AMCOS represents composers and publishers in Australia in collecting royalties for compositions.

A composition may also be recorded. In this case the owner of the recording holds the copyright of the sound recording and the copyright of the composition remains with the composer or publisher. Think of a recording as containing two parts - the sound and the composition, each of which have their own separate copyright.

When a song is performed publicly by a band or an individual, just a composition is being performed. This is what happens in church and CCLI (link?) provide a helpful and manageable way to enable churches and Christian schools to meet copyright requirements.

When a recording is played publicly, a composition as well as a sound recording is performed, so there the two copyrights involved. Using a recording in a video or online likewise involves both composition as well as sound recording.