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In Real Life MP3

Release Date: 2020

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Colin’s first country album in over a decade is on it’s way! And the first single, the optimistic In Real Life, is out now!

Says Colin, "Someone signed off an email during lockdown with “…let’s do it IRL.” In Real Life sums up the preciousness of being on the road, in the bush, singing my songs, seeing my family, singing aloud, being face-to-face. It’s not a song about what we might have lost, it’s a celebration of what we love and long for - stuff that needs more than a screen or a text. The song was born out of the joy I gained from a small bunch of rural gigs in Queensland's Darling Downs and Central Western NSW between lockdown restrictions. And just recently I met my 10 month old grandson, Rupert, for the very first time when my son and his wife flew into Sydney from the UK. I think we’ve all learned a lot about the preciousness of doing things IRL

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