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Available as a CD album, complete MP3 album or choose from individual MP3 tracks. 

It's an album full of roads, maps, hopes and journeys. It teams wilth places and characters- from the fising enthusiasts of Fraser Island, to the characters of the Snowy's Hydro Scheme, to the mid-life city-slickers on an inland journey of discovery.

Australians have always been suckers for an unfurled map and a highway snaking off into the distance. We've got a national case of ants in the pants - a spirit celebrated in the new album from Colin Buchanan, Land Of The Getaway. Reissue.

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  • 1. Land Of The Getaway
  • 2. Fishing Fraser Island
  • 3. Out On The Wallaby
  • 4. Top End Man
  • 5. Doo Wah Didjeri
  • 6. Bishop Of Burrill
  • 7. Get Yourself To Tully
  • 8. House #163
  • 9. The Smiling Man
  • 10. Kick The Ball Around
  • 11. I Am The Road